Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
-Coco Chanel

Hello my name is Jesua Olvera. Originally from the Bay area moved to L.A... 5 years ago. Film is my specialty I enjoy working hard for the end result. I love opportunities of creating and making something really cool. Certified make-up artist and licensed Aesthetician. Alumni of formally Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. I've been a freelance make-up artist since 2006. I can do anything from shorts, features to commercials. I also have done prints, fashion shows.

 I have experience with all skin types. Coming from San Francisco there's a lot of diversity, doing make-up on Asian, African American, Caucasian. I love learning everyday new skills of the trade and even educating someone that might not know what is right for their skin. I sincerely love the industry of making someone look better, different, weird. Whatever the case, its always worth a picture in the end.